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Backlink checker

Data Doctor’s backlink checker software checks and monitor the status of user’s websites backlink on the web. Software utility find reciprocal advertiser website link, java script link, direct link or other link on publisher’s website link and also evaluate website (advertiser) popularity on the internet. Link tracking utility check whether the advertiser site link still point to the publisher site and alerts the users by sending notification in predefined email address if publisher site is unavailable, link status is not found or publisher page can not be open.

Important features of the Backlink Checker utility:
  • Checks and monitor the status of backlinks of your website.
  • Finds direct links, JavaScript links, and other links.
  • Send email notification to the publisher site if backlinks are not present.
  • Uses an absolutely legitimate way to obtain back link status.
  • Generate report in HTML or TXT file format.
  • User style friendly wizard format.

The backlink checker tool utility provides facility to generate the detailed report in HTML or txt file format with user style friendly wizard format.