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Database programmer

Pro Data Doctor has the data base programmers blended of youth and experience that are capable of developing efficient database for various software projects. Database is the backbone for efficient software development. Without proper database design and strategy the software system will not work efficiently.

During every stage of the design, development and maintenance of your system we will keep your database and your project synchronized. Our experts can rapidly architect your database leaving decisions for physical implementation for later since faultlessly generate the same data model to multiple DBMS's.

Performs planning, research, and analysis work in the modification of existing database procedures. Investigates and resolves programming and production problems. Reviews and assists the programming staff with the design, development and tuning of application SQL code. We can build and maintain databases for the following DBMS's. Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7 & 2000, Microsoft Access 2000 & XP, MySQL, Oracle 8i and 9i, Sybase 12.5 and 7, Interbase, Pervasive SQL, PostgreSQL etc.