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Software QA and testing

While we offer a comprehensive range of software quality assurance testing services, we also provide our customers the flexibility of choosing testing services that best suite their needs.

Software testing has become integral part of software development. Without desired output the software is waste of time. After the development phase is completed the testing part comes. We provide various testing services for the measurement of the software quality. If the user doesn’t get what he wants he may reject the software which may have heavy consciousness. Our organization allows you to choose up to which extend the testing should be performed and if you are not able to decide our experts may guide you about the various software testing strategy and its related tools which may deliver you better quality software.

We perform white box testing, black box testing, unit testing, functional testing, integrating testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, performance testing, recovery testing, compatibility testing, security testing, alpha testing, beta testing, release testing, ad-hoc testing, install testing, uninstall testing, exploratory testing.