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Software testing

There are two main testing services categories:
  • Software Testing Services
  • Website Testing Services
Software Testing services

Our testing services are uniquely designed to meet your needs. We provides comprehensive software quality assurance and testing services to application developers as well as the end users of IT solutions. Software testing is a critical element of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate review of specifications, design, and coding.

This cycle assumes utmost importance in the software project life cycle as this ensures the quality, stability, and sustainability of the product.

We'll leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs that could interfere with your software and harm your company's reputation.

Our Testing procedure includes both Automated as well as Manual Testing. Automated testing is done using testing tools like Win Runner, Load Runner, Rational Rose etc. Manual Testing is 70% of complete testing and includes module by module testing, visibility testing, suggestions making, GUI flow chart etc. The network is vital to any organization's technology infrastructure, and includes elements such as Internet connectivity, your network servers and any Web or online applications.

It also will include any:
  • Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
  • Wireless network
  • Firewall, intrusion detection system or intrusion prevention system
  • Remote access, third-party network or Virtual Private Networks
Website Testing Services

To help ensure that your business website is high caliber on all levels, various testing methodologies should be incorporated to find weaknesses in usability as well as functionality, performance, and browser compatibility.

We offer manual and automated Web site testing including:
  • Compatibility testing
  • Functional or regression testing
  • Performance & stress testing
Compatibility testing

Customer uses a wide variety of Operating System, Web browsers, databases, servers, clients, and hardware. Different versions, configurations, resolutions, and Internet connect speeds all can impact the behavior of your product and introduce costly and embarrassing bugs. We test for compatibility using real test environments (not just virtual systems).

Functional or regression testing

Validating an application or Web site conforms to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions. This entails a series of tests which perform a feature by feature validation of behavior, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data. This can involve testing of the product's user interface, APIs, database management, security, installation, networking, etc.

Performance & stress testing

Performance testing can be applied to understand your application or WWW site's scalability, or to benchmark the performance in your environment of third party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.

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