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Software quality engineering

Pro data doctor aim is to develop new methodologies and tools to develop higher quality software in a cost-effective manner. We adopt a thorough but problem focused sensible approach to every problem as viewing software development as an engineering discipline.

Our assumption is that, if models of the specification and design are provided in a suitable form, they can be put-upon all along the development cycle to support. The design is to endorse the practice of software engineering at a higher level of abstraction, in a more engineering look like.

Software quality engineering services spans product design and development, demands resourcefulness, and an efficient and competent development team Our Quality engineering services in the area of product engineering focuses on non-core engineering and support activities so that you can devote your efforts to core competencies such as product conceptualization, design, and development.

We offer an inclusive suite of product engineering services that include
  • Release management
  • Validation of software systems
  • Model driven development with various Modeling Languages
  • Automated support for improving system quality
  • Software quality assurance and control based on quantitative methods and measurement
  • Applications of AI (artificial intelligence) and computing to software engineering