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Website testing Company

We perform web testing that allows for complete and thorough testing of the performance of a web site without having to spend much on it Pro data doctor provides all types of testing services for business and activity clients. We provide 100 % satisfaction and work in the time limit.

To help ensure that your business website is high quality on all levels, various testing methodologies should be incorporated to find weaknesses in usability as well as functionality, performance, and browser compatibility.

Web sites are essentially client/server applications with web servers and browser clients. Consideration should be given to the interactions between html pages, Internet connections, firewalls, applications that run in web pages and applications that run on the server side. Additionally, there are a wide variety of servers and browsers, various versions of each, small but sometimes significant differences between them, variations in connection speeds, rapidly changing technologies, and multiple standards and protocols.

Some of testing methodology is…
  • Compatibility testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance & stress testing
  • Link checkers
  • Website security test tools
  • HTML checks
  • Regression testing
  • External site monitoring tools

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